Fundraising: How does it work?

It’s Simple!

  1. Your “Non-Profit” Organization chooses a 4-Digit Code. (example 2345).
  2. Tell Everyone you know

    to come by Extreme Car Wash and use your code.

  3. At our Paystation:

  4. Press “Fund raising”
  5. Enter The 4 Digit Code to buy the $9.99 wash.
  6. Donate Additional Money to Charity
  7. Pay with Cash or Credit/Debit card and enjoy the wash!

How does your organization benefit?

For every wash purchased. your organization will receive


of the $9.99 car wash.

Your organization receives %100 of the donation from the original screen

At the end of your fund raising month Extreme Car Wash will Issue a check to your organization.